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We save our clients money

Our Boat Care division is innovative and competitive to meet the needs of luxury vessel owners.

We offer the best of both worlds;

1) Highly experienced marine professionals to assist every aspect of your boating lifestyle

2) Capped priced Boat Care plans

We won’t be beaten on price and we offer discounts for boats moored next to each

We’ve been servicing these clubs for 10 years!

  • Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club
  • Royal Perth Yacht Club
  • Claremont Yacht Club
  • Pier21 Marina 

We offer the best value and experience when it comes to regular Boat Care packages. Learn more now



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Did you know? – Regular boat care is critical!

Talk to any boat manufacturer and they'll agree on one thing - regular maintenance is critical. In fact, most boat builders and dealers will insist it's mandatory to comply with their warranty terms. Having your boat washed and maintained on a regular basis can be we've developed capped priced plans and services that provide you with great value while taking care of the essentials. The result is total peace of mind.

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